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Welcome to Pivotal Global Trading

Pivotal Global Trading provides a proprietary trading (prop trading) venue for day traders using the firm's capital for trading. We trade all the major stockmarkets in the world.

Day trading by definition is the trading of any financial instrument lasting only for the duration of the current trading seesion. Traders do not hold any open position by the close of the trading session. The advantage is that the trader fully realises his profits or losses at the close, thus avoiding the unpleasant surprises of the possible turmoils in the world.

Our trading platform is the most advanced of its kind. It has built-in risk control and implements an API that allows the  trader to automate trading with his own strategy. Our trade reporting system is also extremely informative, providing not only the trader's profit and loss, but also analyses of his trading strengths and weaknesses.

What is prop trading?

Prop (proprietary) trading is the trading of any financial instrument using the firm's capital, as opposed to the traders' own money.

Why do we care?

Because of the unique trading and payout structure, we win only when you win. Therefore, we will give you all the information and suggest different trading strategies to maximise your profit potential.