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Pivotal Trading is a proprietary trading (prop trading) venue for day traders using our firm's capital to daytrade the financial markets. We trade all the major stockmarkets in the world.


On regular intervals, we recruit student traders and provide them with training. The students that we are looking for must be highly motivated and have a good analytical mind.


We offer our versatile and low cost system to any successful or aspiring day traders who want to increase their profit potential with access to the large capital base of our facilities provider. Typically, a trader is given a starting trading capital of US$200,000. With a proven record, he can access up to a million dollar trading capital.


From time to time, we offer both free and paid seminars. The series is either to educate the new markets or to provide trading analyses and strategies.

What is prop trading?

Prop (proprietary) trading is the trading of any financial instrument using the firm's capital, as opposed to the traders' own money.

Why do we care?

Because of the unique trading and payout structure, we win only when you win. Therefore, we will give you all the information and suggest different trading strategies to maximise your profit potential.