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About Pivotal Global Trading

We started a trading floor in the southern Chinese city of Jiangmen with 50 trainees in late 2005. There we taught them how to profit from trading the US stock markets. A few years later, we expanded to Zhuhai and Zhongshan.

We were startled by the success of the Chinese traders who had practically no English and yet they were able to read the market signals from the quotes that were displayed on the trading system.

As our facilities provider added additional financial instruments to the trading system, we also began trading these additional markets in Europe and Asia. Most recently, we are starting to trade currencies, commodities and futures. It is becoming almost round the clock trading with different groups of traders.

When we survey the trading landscape in New Zealand, we discover that there is not one trading venue that provides a low cost structure for frequent traders. Also the barrier to trading is very high as all brokers require a hefty trading capital or deposit. We intend to change that by (1) offering our provider's capital, (2) providing a very low trading cost, (3) effecting a rigorous risk management regime to protect both the traders and the company, and (4) rewarding our traders with a very competitive payout rate.


Title Name
Director Terry Tse
Treasurer Changlan Luo
Operations Chris Tse


What is prop trading?

Prop (proprietary) trading is the trading of any financial instrument using the firm's capital, as opposed to the traders' own money.

Why do we care?

Because of the unique trading and payout structure, we win only when you win. Therefore, we will give you all the information and suggest different trading strategies to maximise your profit potential.